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CSIRO Releases Australia's Food and Agribusiness Roadmap

July 19, 2017

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) released the Food and Agribusiness Roadmap, which shows detailed action plans for new products and innovation to ensure future success in the sector. The new technologies include algae-based protein, allergenic-free nuts, tolerable varieties of lactose and gluten, and edible packaging to reduce environmental impact.

The Roadmap centers on the themes of keeping a greater share of food processing onshore and better differentiating Australian food product. This calls for businesses to act quickly or risk losing future revenue streams to the competitive global market.

"Australian businesses are among the most innovative in the world, and together with our world-class scientists, can deliver growth in the food and agribusiness sector amid unprecedented global change," said CSIRO Deputy Director Dr. Martin Cole.

Read the full report from CSIRO.