Biotech Information Resources

Biotech Information Resources. ISAAA develops an array of publications, videos, and presentation slides on various topics. These are available in hard copy, or in electronic format. Many of the materials are downloadable from ISAAA’s website. While most of the materials can be purchased online, hard copies are available for free to eligible nationals of developing countries. 

Resource Pages

ISAAA Publications

ISAAA is very much associated with its Annual Review of the global status of commercialized biotech crops. It also publishes a weekly e-newsletter, Crop Biotech Update, which summarizes global and regional news developments in crop biotechnology.  Other publications include institutional brochures, monographs, and semi-popular articles on various topics, called Pocket Ks.

Biotechnology Videos

Watch videos and learn more about ISAAA and its mission. Also see series of videos in DVD and CD formats documenting developing country experiences on crop biotechnology.

Biotech Infomercials

Biotech infomercials are animated videos that are designed to present fact-based information on biotechnology in graphical and concise format.

InfoGraphics & Illustrations

Download informative represenations of various concepts and figures on Biotech Crops.

ISAAA in the News

This section highlights articles, blogs, and videos from international, regional, and country-specific media resources that highlight ISAAA, crop biotechnology, and related topics. View the news entries as they appear with details such as title, source, website link, and language.