Integrating Social, Economic and Health Aspects Into Decision-making Process

The potential uses and impacts of gene drive technologies are a topic of growing interest in many countries at the international and national levels. A continuation of our webinar series last year, the 2022 Gene Drive Webinar Series aims to explore gene drive in its many types to show there is no “one size fits all” approach when evaluating policies’ implications or assessing gene drive risks.

This webinar provides an overview of the different dimensions of gene drive impact and risk assessments, including environmental and socio-economic aspects thereby contextualizing the need for additional guidance materials on risk assessment within ongoing debates.

Dr. Krishna Ravi Srinivas
Senior Fellow and Consultant
Research and Information System for Developing Countries

Delphine Thizy
Stakeholder Engagement Senior Advisor
Target Malaria

Dr. Mary Grace Dacuma
Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines Los Banos

The webinar is hosted by the ISAAA SEAsiaCenter and co-organized with the Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research and the ISAAA Biotechnology Information Centers. Registration to the webinar is free and open to all.