Crop Biotech Update

Gene Editing Creates Early Flowering Mutants of Tomato

November 15, 2023

Researchers used CRISPR-CAS9 to produce early flowering mutants of tomatoes. The mutations did not have an adverse effect on the yield.

Flowering time is essential in agriculture because the timing and amount of flowering affect the yield and availability of seeds, fruits, and flowers. By identifying the genes that regulate flowering time, tomato breeding will be easier and simpler.

To help with tomato breeding, scientists have studied the contributions of the FANTASTIC FOUR (FAF) gene family in controlling tomato flowering time. Their results showed that the SlFAF1/2a and SlFAF1/2c positively regulate the tomato's flowering time. Meanwhile, the SlFAF1/2b, SlFAF3/4a, and SlFAF3/4b genes negatively affect the tomato's flowering time. Their findings were then used to create the faf1/2b faf3/4a faf3/4b triple mutant that flowers the earliest.

For more information, read the article in Plant Biotechnology Journal.

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