Biotech Updates

US FDA: GE Salmon as Safe to Eat as Non-GE Salmon

November 25, 2015

Based on sound science and a comprehensive review, the US Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) has approved AquaBounty Technologies' AquAdvantage Salmon, a genetically engineered (GE) Atlantic salmon that grows to market size more quickly than non-GE farm-raised Atlantic salmon.

The FDA determined that food from AquAdvantage Salmon is as safe to eat and as nutritious as food from other non-GE Atlantic salmon and that there are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic salmon.

In a statement, Bernadette Dunham, director of the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine said, "The F.D.A. has thoroughly analyzed and evaluated the data and information submitted by AquaBounty regarding the AquAdvantage salmon and determined that they have met the regulatory requirements for approval, including that food from the fish is safe to eat."

For more information, read the FDA news release.