Pinoy Biotek Seminar on Mudfish Spawning Technology

ISAAA Inc., in partnership with the Department of Agriculture-Fisheries Biotechnology Center (DA-FBC) holds the hybrid event titled Pinoy Biotek Seminar: Mudfish Spawning Technology on September 1, 2023, at 9:00 AM (GMT+8).

The seminar discusses:

  • Status of Fishing Industry and Mudfish Production in the Philippines
  • Mudfish Spawning Technology
  • Access to Mudfish Spawning and Outreach Initiatives by the DA-FBC
  • Economic Viability of Mudfish Spawning
  • Farmer's Experience With Mudfish Spawning

The event is part of a series of seminars that aims to increase awareness and appreciation of Pinoy biotechnologies and products by the general public, especially in the Philippines. It provides science-based information to target stakeholders for acceptance and adoption of the Pinoy-developed biotechnologies that can contribute to the improvement of the country's agriculture sector.

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