The Science, the Opportunities and Regulation of Animal Biotechnology: Genetic Engineering ang Genome Engineering (Day 2)

The Asia Oceania Regional Animal Biotech Virtual Workshop tackles science and opportunities of animal biotechnology for food and agriculture on August 31 to September 1, 2021, 11:30-14:30 Manila time via Zoom.

During the workshop, participants:

  • is informed on current innovations in animal biotechnology;
  • gains increased awareness on the benefits and opportunities in animal research targeting animal welfare and other applications in food and agriculture; and
  • is equipped to make contributions to science-based policies in support of the utilization of animal biotechnology to enhance food security and agricultural sustainability.

International experts including Dr. Carl Ramage (Rautaki Solutions), Dr. Tim Doran (CSIRO), Dr. Diane Wray-Cahen (USDA), Dr. Lisa Kelly (FSANZ), and Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam (UC Davis) serves as resource speakers in the workshop. Sessions in the first day of the workshop focuses on the science and opportunities in poultry, aquaculture, swine, and cattle; as well as the policy considerations for biotech animals and the existing policies in selected countries. The second day sessions tackle food, feed, and environmental safety assessments.