Mandy and Fanny: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

The novel educational cartoon publication "Mandy & Fanny : The Future of Sustainable Agriculture" illustrates the attributes of biotech/genetically modified (GM) crops –biotech maize (corn) and biotech cotton and are viewed as the "Tom and Jerry" of modern biotech agriculture. The rationale for creating the cartoon around biotech crops is to spread the factual messages about biotech crops as the popular media is rife with misinformation on biotech crops.

Adventures of Mandy & Fanny in Kenya: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Mandy and Fanny pay a visit to Kenya and are surprised by the negative publicity in the media.They decide to take an educational tour of the country and interact with major stakeholders: Government representatives, Politicians and opinion leaders, Journalists, Farmers, and Consumers.

During the tour, they provide useful insights on biotechnology and its benefits as well as correct the misconceptions about crop biotechnology.

GMO Knowledge Campus (in Chinese)

Join DoDo, LeLe, and Mimi as they explain the safety and benefits of genetically modified crops. Developed by the Chinese Society of Biotechnology (CSBT) and the China Biotechnology Information Center (ChinaBIC).