Gene: PGAS PPO suppression gene

Gene Source: Malus domestica
Product: double stranded RNA (dsRNA)
Function: double stranded RNA (dsRNA)from the suppression transcript is processed into small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) that direct the cleavage of the target mRNA through sequence complementarity and suppresses PPO resulting in apples with a non-browning phenotype.

GM Trait: Non-Browning

Events with gene PGAS PPO suppression gene

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Apple - Malus x Domestica :
Name: GD743
Code: OKA-NBØØ1-8
Arctic™ "Golden Delicious" Apple
Name: GS784
Code: OKA-NBØØ2-9
Name: NF872
Code: OKA-NBØØ3-1
Arctic™ Fuji Apple