Event Name: MZIR098

Event Code : SYN-ØØØ98-3
Trade Name:
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Crop: Zea mays L. - Maize, Corn

Developer: Syngenta

Method of Trait Introduction: Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated plant transformation

GM Traits: Glufosinate herbicide tolerance , Coleopteran insect resistance , Multiple insect resistance

Commercial Trait: (StackedHerbicide Tolerance (HT) + Insect Resistance (IR)


Basic Genetic Modification

Gene Introduced Gene Source Product Function
ecry3.1Ab synthetic form of Cry3A gene and Cry1Ab gene from Bacillus thuringiensis chimeric (Cry3A-Cry1Ab) delta endotoxin protein confers resistance to coleopteran insects by selectively damaging their midgut lining
mcry3A synthetic form of cry3A gene from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. tenebrionis modified Cry3A delta-endotoxin confers resistance to coleopteran insects particularly corn rootworm pests by selectively damaging their midgut lining
pat Streptomyces viridochromogenes phosphinothricin N-acetyltransferase (PAT) enzyme eliminates herbicidal activity of glufosinate (phosphinothricin) herbicides by acetylation


Regulatory Approvals: Country, Year and Type of Approval

Country Food
direct use or processing
direct use or processing
domestic or non-domestic use
European Union      
New Zealand      
United States      
Approved on August 17, 2021 (https://bit.ly/3m39laO)
Approved on August 17, 2021 (https://bit.ly/3m39laO)
valid until September 24, 2024
Valid until September 24, 2024
Validity: 2019/04/23-2024/04/23

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Last updated: June 1, 2022


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