Event Name: BVLA430101

Event Code : not available
Trade Name:
not available

Crop: Zea mays L. - Maize, Corn

Developer: Origin Agritech (China)

Method of Trait Introduction: Microparticle bombardment of plant cells or tissue

GM Trait: Phytase production

Commercial Trait: (SingularModified Product Quality (PQ)


Basic Genetic Modification

Gene Introduced Gene Source Product Function
phyA2 Aspergillus niger strain 963 phytase enzyme degrades phytate phosphorus in seeds into inorganic phosphate to be available to animals when used as feed


Regulatory Approvals: Country, Year and Type of Approval

Country Food
direct use or processing
direct use or processing
domestic or non-domestic use

Last updated: August 27, 2012


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