ISAAA Briefs 40-2009

ISAAA Brief 40-2009: Contents

I. Introduction
II. Stakeholders
  A . Farmers: Planting the Seeds of Empowerment .
     • Rosalie Ellasus Lady Corn Farmer Goes International
     • Raosahib Devrao Ingole Leading Farmers by Example
     • El-Hadji Karim Ouédraogo Champion Bt Cotton Farmer in Burkina Faso
     • Edwin Paraluman Walking Tall in the Biotech Debate
     • Agusdin Pulungan Hoping to See Indonesian Farmers Benefit from Biotech
     • Md. Shahjahan Ali Badsha Ready for Biotechnology
     • Ir. Rachmat Pambudy Partnering with Government on New Technology
  B . Media: Spreading the Word
     • Linda Asante Agyei From Negative to Positive Views About Biotech
     • Melody Aguiba Multi-Awarded Science Writer
     • Yingjie Huang Bringing Biotech News to Chinese Readers
     • Mohamed Elsaied Darwish Mostafa Of Bt Cotton and Writing
     • Hafsa Siddiqui Learning Biotech Advances by Translating Biotech Publications
     • Edita Burgos Revolutionizing Media’s Role in Biotech Advocacy
     • Wandera Ojanji Empowering Journalists to Effectively Report on Biotechnology
     • Hoang Minh Nhat Using Radio to Disseminate Agri-biotech Information
     • Ashok B. Sharma Multi-Awarded Journalist Writes About Biotech
  C. Decision Makers: Helping Frame Policies
     • Thira Sutabutra Agriculture Minister Supports Biotechnology
     • Alfred Nderitu Reaching Out to the Legislature
     • Zaidah Binti Mohd Yusoff Educating the Young to Appreciate Biotech
     • Serunjogi Lastus Katende Making S & T Top Parliamentary Agenda
     • Hassan Mat Daud Playing a Major Role in Biotech
     • Jane Otadoh Helping to Realize Kenya’s Biosafety Law
     • Charles Waturu Nderito Playing a Lead Role in Biotech Development
  D. A cademics and Scientists: Raising Perception of Credibility
     • Emil Q. Javier Trail Blazing Biotech in the Philippines 
     • Lynette Kisaka Taking Modern Biotechnology to Schools
     • Annie Clara Arokiasamy Teacher and Student of Biotech 
     • Anil Kumar Gupta Building Capacity on Biotech and Biosafety 
     • Sony Suharsono Applying Risk Communication Principles
     • Shireen Assem The Challenge of Simplifying Information for Stakeholders
     • Charles Mugoya Communicating Modern Biotechnology within the Sub-region
     • Muhammadi Library Visit Reveals Rich Source of Biotech Information
     • Md. Amzad Hossain Research Updates from Seminars and Workshops
     • Cynthia Hedreyda Molding Students into Future Scientists
     • Muhammad Herman Keeping Biotech Research “Alive” in Indonesia 
     • Iekhsan Othman From Toxins to Biotech
     • Zhengbin Zhang Using Chinese Crop Biotech Update as Reference
     • Naglaa Abdallah Keeping Up-to-Date with Biotechnology
     • Saddia Gelani Future is in Plant Research 
     • Umi Kalsom Abu Bakar Learning About IPs, Biosafety, and Commercialization
     • M. Shahidul Haque Contributing to Biotech Education and Research Development
     • Kodiswaran Kandasamy Promoting the Adoption of Cutting-Edge Technology
     • Kailash Chandra Bansal Dedicated to Biotech Research
  E . Religious Sector: Keeping Faith in the Technology
     • Shaikh Mohd Saifuddeen bin Sahaikh Mohd Salleh Islamic Scholar 
     • Fr. Emmanuel Alparce The Morality of Genetic Engineering
  F . Other Partners: Broadening Links in Knowledge Sharing
     • Stuart Soo The Businessman Talks Biotech
     • Farida Habib Shah Setting the Stage for Bioentrepreneurship
     • The UPLB Genetics and Cell Biological Societies Sharing Biotech Information to Students 
     • Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines Advancing Biotechnology through Partnerships
  G. Global Community: Virtual Sharing of Information
III. Acknowledgments
IV. Appendices
  Global Map of ISAAA Network
  Information Resources