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Technology Transfer

ISAAA's primary mission is to contribute to poverty alleviation in the developing world through improved and sustainable agricultural production. ISAAA believes that this mission can be best achieved by facilitating the transfer of appropriate crop biotechnology applications to developing countries and by strengthening the capacity to evaluate, regulate, and deploy these new technologies. Over the past decade, ISAAA has been facilitating the transfer of proprietary technologies from the private sector in industrial countries for the benefit of subsistence farmers and the poor. ISAAA is strengthening this effort by facilitating the exchange of technology, skills and experience between developing countries for their mutual benefit.

The implementation of ISAAA's portfolio of crop biotechnology projects is guided by the following:

  • Crop biotechnology applications with a potential for near term impact on food, feed, fiber crops, and forestry.
  • The selection of beneficial technologies from a variety of applications including tissue culture, diagnostics, transgenic crops with specific traits, molecular markers, and genomics-derived applications.
  • A balanced portfolio of applications with input traits to control crop stresses and output traits to produce more nutritious food.
  • Applications that can contribute to a safer environment and more sustainable agriculture by decreasing dependency on water, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • The development of small number of global projects that can improve major staple food crops with the potential to dramatically reduce poverty and malnutrition.