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BIOTRIN is non-profit organization formed by academic community for dissemination of information on modern biotechnology
Bioversity International
Bioversity is an international research institute with a mandate to advance the conservation and use of genetic diversity for the well-being of present and future generations.
Black Sea Biotechnology Association (BSBANET)
An international public non-profit organization to promote agricultural biotechnology in the Black Sea Region.
Blackwell Synergy
Blackwell Synergy is the online journals service from Blackwell Publishing. It holds the content for most of Blackwell's journals, the majority of which are published on behalf of international scholarly and professional societies.
Blog World Hunger
Blog world hunger is an open global food and nutrition security diary that aims to help the effort to identify and analyze alternative national and international strategies and policies for meeting world food needs in ways that conserve the natural resour
Brassica Genome Gateway
Biological information, genome contigs and BACs of Brassica species
Brazil's Portal Fiocruz
A technical data resource providing biosafety information to researchers, institutions, and governments covering various safety aspects of biotechnology; Includes information on field trials of GMOs in Brazil, national and international biosafety regulati
Brazilian Institute for Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA)
The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation's mission is to provide feasible solutions for the sustainable development of Brazilian agribusiness through knowledge and technology generation and transfer.
Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
The website of Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture provides information, educational materials, etc.
Bulgarian Biotechnology Information Center (BGBIC)
AgBiotech Vietnam is also an Agbiotech information network of Global Knowledge Center on crop biotechnology, an initiative of  International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Application (ISAAA).
CAB International (CABI)
CAB International is a leading global not-for-profit organisation. Its purpose is the generation, dissemination and use of knowledge in the applied biosciences to enhance development, human welfare and the environment.
Canada Food Inspection Agency
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency delivers all federal inspection services related to food; animal health; and plant protection.
Canadian Biodiversity Website
Website showcasing biodiversity in Canada
Canadian Biotech Advisory Committee (CBAC)
CBAC provides expert advice to the federal government on ethical, social, regulatory, economic, scientific, environmental and health aspects of biotechnology.
Canadian Biotechnology Strategy (BioStrategy)
Read about Canada's strategy to promote the safe and beneficial development of biotechnology. Find reports on Canadian public opinion and consultations, and learn how Canada is addressing the social and ethical challenges.
Canadian Farm Writers' Association (CFWF)
Founded in 1955, The Canadian Farm Writers' Federation (CFWF) serves the common interests of agricultural journalists, including reporters, editors and broadcasters as well as those in business and government whose primary responsibility is agricultural c
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency website provides information related to food, animal health, and plant protection.
Canadian Grain Commission (CGC)
The responsibility for the quality of Canadian grain belongs with the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC).
Canadian Program on Genomics and Global Health (CPGGH)
The mission of the CPGGH is to harness the advances of innovative technology for global health equity.
Canola Council of Canada
The Canola Council of Canada is a national, nonprofit association funded by stakeholders in the canola industry. Our mission is to enhance the industry's ability to profitably produce and supply seed, oil and meal products that offer superior value to cus
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