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Website of the Canadian's Biotechnology Strategy
BIOTECanada is the national organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of biotechnology and the many ways it contributes to improving the quality of life of all Canadians. is an Online Guide for products and services relevant to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry.
Biotech/Life Science Portal (BIOPRO)
BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg as the State-wide service and marketing agency pursues the targeted support of research institutions and companies of the biotechnology and life science sectors.
Biotechgate Company Database
European Biotech and Life Sciences Company Directory
Biotechnology Advisory Center (BAC)
The Stockholm Environment Institute established the Biotechnology Advisory Center (BAC) to help meet the challenge of biosafety capacity building in developing countries.
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is the UK’s principal funder of basic and strategic biological research.
Biotechnology and Biosafety Information Centre
SafetyBio is also an Agbiotech information network of Global Knowledge Center on crop biotechnology, an initiative of  International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Application (ISAAA).
Biotechnology and Development Monitor
The journal provides critical views on biotech, agriculture, sustainable development and food security issues for developing countries.
Biotechnology Australia
Biotechnology Australia is responsible, together with its partners, for managing Australia's National Biotechnology Strategy
Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP)
The BCP, a non-stock, non-profit membership association duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, is a broad-based multi-sectoral coalition of advocates for the safe and responsible use and advancement of modern biotech in th
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
Biotechnology information, advocacy and business support
Biotechnology Institute
The Biotechnology Institute is dedicated to educating teachers, students and the public about the promise and challenges of biotechnology.
Biotechnology Journal
Biotechnology Journal is the new, international resource for both biotechnology researchers and professionals in related disciplines. Fully comprehensive in its scope, the journal publishes strictly peer-reviewed papers covering novel aspects and methods in all areas of biotechnology, especially those focusing on healthcare, nutrition or biosafety, and methods and advances. Special attention is also paid to the public, legal, ethical and cultural aspects of biotechnological research in the Forum section. Most issues are devoted to a special topic, providing the latest comprehensive information on the most crucial areas of research and technological advances.
Biotechnology Knowledge Center
A collection of news items, technical reports and other documents useful, and that the material assembled here -- which represents many points of view -- will promote a deeper understanding of agricultural biotechnology.
Biotechnology Online
The Biotechnology Online Secondary School Resource provides balanced and factual information about biotechnology.
Online version of Technomic's Publishing's Glossary of Biotech Terms by Kimball R. Nill.
The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board is an independent body consisting of 24 members appointed by the Norwegian government. Each member has a background and/or education which makes him/her competent to discuss questions regarding modern biotechnolo
BioTrack Online
BioTrack Online focuses on information related to the regulatory oversight of products of modern biotechnology, including genetically engineered organisms or transgenic organisms, in the field of the environmental safety and the food and feed safety . 
BioTrek is The Science Outreach Program of the Biotechnology Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin Extension. The Web site provides teaching tools, downloadable handouts, lessons, posters and other educational materials.
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