Gene: cry1Ab (truncated)

Gene Source: synthetic form of Cry1Ab from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kumamotoensis
Product: Cry1Ab delta-endotoxin
Function: confers resistance to lepidopteran insects by selectively damaging their midgut lining

GM Trait: Lepidopteran insect resistance

Events with gene cry1Ab (truncated)

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Cowpea - Vigna unguiculata :
Name: AAT709A
Code: AAT-7Ø9AA-4
not available
Maize - Zea mays L. :
Name: Bt11 x MIR162
Code: SYN-BTØ11-1 x SYN-IR162-4
Agrisure® Viptera™ 2100
Name: Bt11 x MIR162 x 5307 x GA21
Code: SYN-BTØ11-1 x SYN-IR162-4 x SYN-Ø53Ø7-1 x MON-ØØØ21-9
not available
Name: Bt11 x MIR162 x NK6Ø3
Code: SYN-BTØ11-1 x SYN-IR162-4 x MON-ØØ6Ø3-6
Agrisure® Viptera™ 2100 Roundup Ready™ 2 Maize
Rice - Oryza sativa L. :
Name: Tarom molaii + cry1Ab
Code: BGH-ØØ827-7
not available