Gene: fatb1-A (sense and antisense segments)

Gene Source: Glycine max
Product: no functional enzyme is produced (production of FATB enzymes or acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterases is suppressed by RNA interference)
Function: decreases the transport of saturated fatty acids out of the plastid, thereby increasing their availability to desaturation to 18:1 oleic acid; reduces the levels of saturated fatty acids and increases the levels of 18:1 oleic acid

GM Trait: Modified oil/fatty acid

Events with gene fatb1-A (sense and antisense segments)

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Soybean - Glycine max L. :
Name: MON87705
Code: MON-877Ø5-6
Vistive Gold™
Name: MON87705 x MON87708
Code: MON-877Ø5-6 x MON-877Ø8-9
not available
Name: MON87705 x MON87708 x MON89788
Code: MON-877Ø5-6 x MON-877Ø8-9 x MON-89788-1
Name: MON87705 x MON89788
Code: MON-877Ø5-6 x MON-89788-1
not available