Gene: cry1B.868

Gene Source: Bacillus thuringiensis
Product: crystalline protein prototoxin Cry1B.868
Function: The cry1B.868 coding sequence is under control of a Zea mays ubiquitin promoter and an Oryza sativa lipid transfer-like protein terminator. The promoter contains the promoter, leader and intron sequences from the maize ubiquitin gene. High levels of transcription are expected in all tissues due to the constitutive nature of the promoter.

GM Trait: Lepidopteran insect resistance

Events with gene cry1B.868

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Maize - Zea mays L. :
Name: MON95379
Code: MON-95379-3
not available
Sugarcane - Saccharum sp :
Name: MON87427 × MON95379 × MON87411
Code: MON-87427-7 x MON-87411-9 x MON-95379-3
not available