Gene: asn1

Gene Source: Solanum tuberosum
Product: double stranded RNA
Function: Designed to generate dsRNA to down regulate Asn1 transcripts which lowers asparagine formation

GM Trait: Lowered Free Asparagine

Events with gene asn1

Event Name and Code Trade Name
Potato - Solanum tuberosum L. :
Name: E12
Code: SPS-ØØE12-8
Innate® Cultivate
Name: E24
Code: SPS-ØØE24-2
not available
Name: E56
Code: SPS-ØØE56-7
not available
Name: F10
Code: SPS-ØØF10-7
Innate® Generate
Name: F37
Code: SPS-ØØF37-7
not available
Name: G11
Code: SPS-ØØG11-9
not available
Name: Gen2-Z6
Code: SPS-ØØØZ6-5
Simplot Innate
Name: H37
Code: SPS-ØØH37-9
not available
Name: H50
Code: SPS-ØØH50-4
not available
Name: J3
Code: SPS-ØØØJ3-4
Innate® Accelerate
Name: J55
Code: SPS-ØØJ55-2
not available
Name: J78
Code: SPS-ØØJ78-7
not available
Name: V11
Code: SPS–ØØV11–6
Innate® Invigorate
Name: W8
Code: SPS-ØØØW8-4
not available
Name: X17
Code: SPS-ØØX17-5
Innate® Acclimate
Name: Y9
Code: SPS-ØØØY9-7
Innate® Hibernate